Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt

Produced by the Bonnier Motorcycle Group–Consumer Engagement Division–part of the parent company that owns Cycle World, Motorcyclist and Dirt Rider magazines. Navigational materials, and rider skill challenges are included in your entry.

Designed for riders of varying skill levels, The Scavenger Hunt is custom built for High Pipe enthusiasts. Winning the "Best On the Mountain" trophy will require riding both on an off-road, so we recommend machines of 250cc or more. By event’s end, you will have learned valuable riding and navigation skills–helping you to get more from yourself and your motorcycle.

The competition element of the Scramble Ramble is for a rider who likes it all. The Scavenger Hunt combines elements of navigation, off and on-road riding skill, and teamwork, so that well-rounded riders have an equal chance to win the Best On the Mountain trophy.

scrambler map

You will receive a map marked with 20 bonus locations spread all over the local mountains and trails. We suggest you do not ride alone. You and/or your teammates will decide what kind of ride you want (more dirt, more pavement, or both), find bonuses that align with your plan and go ride. The bonuses are split up into green, blue, and black depending on how hard they are to reach, and are all placed at locations of historical or topographical interest. There is no defined route, no mandatory points, no need to ride in dust or play follow the leader.

As you collect the bonus locations, you’ll take photos with your smartphone, upload and tag them, and we’ll be following along at Base keeping score. In addition, we’ll have a Skills Challenge set-up at Base that you can complete for more points.

Whether you want to be Best On the Mountain or just fun, you’ll enjoy riding and exploring epic roads at HighPipe.

If you have any questions, please contact the Adventure Rally team at