10 Cool Things About HighPipe

1. RSD Hooligan Hill Climb

HighPipe Motorcycle Festival and RSD Hooligans—a match made in heaven! Watch what happens when 750cc of hooligan power are unleashed on a ski slope!

2. Product Tests

Join us for exclusive product tests at HighPipe, and like our editors, give feedback to the manufacturers. Let them know how to build products you want to buy!

3. Mob Run – Ride to Bald Mountain

Grab your flannel and your moustache wax and hit the road as we take “the fun way” up to Bald Mountain, one of the must-see destinations of the Sierra!

4. Scramblekhana Skills Course

Get your wheels dirty! Venture off the tarmac and onto the Scramblekhana Skills Course, a series of low-speed challenges for your 500-pound motorcycle.

5. Road That Goes To Nowhere

Highway 168 is a scenic twisting road doesn’t go through the Sierra Mountains, but merely TO them, for no other reason than to offer a fun time on wheels. That’s where you’ll find HighPipe!

6. Come For The Day, Get A Room or Camp Out

Come to HighPipe Motorcycle Festival for the day, or stay for the full weekend! Get a room at China Peak Inn, bring your RV or tent-it under the stars!

7. Test Rides!

Could you ask for a better backdrop for test riding motorcycles? We think not. Take full advantage of the opportunity to test ride brand new motorcycles Honda.

8. Food, Brews and Ride-In Bike Show

Join us for hot meals, libations, live music and more. Check out new products on vendor row and help yourself to lots of moto eye-candy at the Ride-In Bike Show. Got something to show off? Let’s see it!

9. All Bikes Are Welcome

Old, new, restored, Frankensteined—if it has a plate and holds oil, bring it! All bikes are welcome at HighPipe Moto Fest. Two wheels, an engine and a smile are what it’s all about.

10. Scramble Ramble Scavenger Hunt presented by Bridgestone Motorcycle Tires

Join us in the mile-high scavenger hunt at HighPipe! The first of its kind, this scavenger hunt will feature 10 points of interest. Find them all using the REVER app.