RSD Hill Climb Rules


Riding the RSD Hooligan Hill Climb is open to street-legal motorcycles, not designed specifically for off-road use. In fact, the less off-road capable, the greater the glory.

No, Sirs

  • If your bike was actually designed by its creator to be very good on dirt, it’s banned.
  • If your bike has a copious amount of wheel travel (sixish-inches or more), nope.
  • Has your bike ever won a racing event (ex. Pikes Peak)? Put in back on the trailer.
  • If your bike is an ADV, dual-sport, or motocross-based machine, park it.
  • We basically have the right to tell you to sit down and spectate if we think your machine isn’t in the spirit of the event.

Yes, sirs:

  • Is your bike super-cool looking? Like Bike EXIF cool looking? Absolutely in (probably)...
  • Does your bike require brute strength to muscle along a dirt road? Bravo, line it up!
  • Does your bike weigh more than 500 pounds? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!
  • Does your bike have the word scrambler, desert sled, or moose knuckle in the name? In!
  • The following exceptions automatically qualify without question: Gold Wings, Full-size Baggers, GSX-Rs, Boss Hoss (or anything with a car engine), any Chopper, any former CHP motorcycle.


  1. Scrambler - modern (2001 & newer)
  2. Scrambler - vintage
  3. 110cc and lower
  4. 111cc-350cc
  5. 351cc-650cc
  6. Multi-cylinder
  7. Goofball