10 Cool Places To See In The Sierra

High in the Sierra is a world of cool sites to discover. We, along with REVER, have put together 10 Points Of Interest that will give you ample excuse to get on your motorcycle and ride.

1. Bald Mountain would be a definite black
Latitude: 37.10354, -119.206173

This massive granite monolith is a challenging ride in the Sierra National Forest. It has sweeping views of Shaver Lake, Kings Canyon, Yosemite National Park from the top of the fire-lookout tower at the top.

2. Mckinley Grove (Giant Sequoias)
Latitude: 37.022526, -119.107736

This is a small grove of impressive sequoia trees near the Dinky Creek Campground not too far from Shaver Lake. It is well worth the stop to grab some photos and cower in the shadows of greatness.

3. Courtwright view from Dam
Latitude: 37.079231, -118.97049

This remote reservoir is a bit of a ride to get to but the road heading up to the dam is very fun and the views from the dam are exceptional.

4. Wishon overlook
Latitude: 37.01035, -118.973988

Wishon Reservoir is at the end of McKinley Grove/Dinky Creek Road. Like everything in the area, the views are great and the road in, is even better.

5. HIGHPIPE: Shaver Crossing Station Railroad Museum
Latitude: 37.186066, -119.278037

The Shaver Crossing Railroad Station Museum is open to visitors, weather permitting, usually from April thru November. The Shaver Crossing Railroad Station, built in 1912, is a genuine California Railroad Station. In fact, it's the last standing railroad station of the San Joaquin & Eastern Railroad, known as the crookedest railroad in the world.

6. Shaver Museum
Latitude: 37.121682, -119.315121

The Central Sierra Historical Society’s purpose is to create and operate an historical society and museum for the purpose of preservation and display of the history, antiques, artifacts and historical memorabilia of the Central Sierra mountain area.

7. CA Center via Redinger Lake
Latitude: 37.166127, -119.449468

This is as the name implies the exact center of the state of California. Become one with the Golden State here!

8. Historic Tollhouse. (Gas & Food available)
Latitude: 37.016876, -119.400071

Tollhouse is an unincorporated community in Fresno County, California. It lies at an elevation of 1919 feet. Tollhouse is located in the Sierra Nevada, 7 miles southwest of Shaver Lake. The town was created in the 1860s around a lumber mill.

9. Historic Humphrey Station
Latitude: 36.961151, -119.445762

Humphreys Station is an unincorporated community in Fresno County, California. It is located 23 miles northeast of Fresno. The name honors pioneer, John W. Humphreys.

10. Mushroom Rock
Latitude: 37.231626, -119.269960

Mushroom Rock is located off of Black Point Road Near Huntington Lake. You will travel up the road until you see a sign for the trail leading to the rock.

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